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Dog Mountain

A brutal leg-buster with killer views outside Portland

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Goat Lake

One of the Seattle area's best intro backpacking treks

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Best Hikes in L.A.

You thought L.A. was all urban sprawl and strip malls, right? WRONG. If you don't know where to start hiking, here are my favorite trails in SoCal.

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Hiking Goat Lake

Few hikes give you this much bang for your buck. Even though the 10-mile roundtrip trek might seem daunting to less experienced hikers, the elevation gain of a mere 1300 feet is minimal. While most lakes nestled in the Northern Cascades make you work for a refreshing dip by forcing you to climb an exhausting amount in a shorter distance, the beauty of Goat Lake…

read » September 2, 2015
Kilauea Iki

Hike Kilauea Iki and the Thurston Lava Tube

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park protects one of the most active volcanic areas in the Pacific Basin, if not the world. On an almost daily basis, liquid hot magma works its way up to a pair of volcanic vents and occasionally spills over to flow down slope toward the sea. The park’s accessible infrastructure and scenic trails allow visitors the opportunity to…

read » September 2, 2015
1st Big Rappel

Canyoneering the Seven Teacups

For entry-level, class C canyoneering, it doesn’t get any better than the Seven Teacups. This is a top-notch route found along Dry Meadow Creek, a tributary of the Kern River in Sequoia National Forest. A short hike leads to a series of pothole waterfalls cascading down polished granite slabs into the Kern. Then, it finishes up with a lovely river…

read » September 1, 2015

Every Kid in a Park Kicks Off

Earlier this year, to celebrate the upcoming 100th birthday of the National Park Service, President Obama announced the creation of a program called Every Kid in a Park (which we like to think of as No Child Left Indoors). The program was to allow every American fourth grade student and their family free access to all federal lands and waters…

read » September 1, 2015
monkey temple

Nepal – Swayambhunath Temple

The second in a series on hiking the Annapurna Base Camp trek in Nepal with Active Adventures. In the hills just to the west of Kathmandu Valley lie one of the holiest sites in Newar and Tibetan Buddhism – and an important Hindu site as well – Swayambhunath Temple. An important holy site since the 3rd century BCE, the current temple…

read » August 31, 2015
Photo by Jared Edmunds for Modern Hiker

Hike Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain is a well-trod 6-miler that will allow you to choose between two difficulties, hard and harder. Thankfully, it’s a lot more accessible than it sounds, and will give you that sense of accomplishment afterward. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to hike through a cloud-infused fog or soak in expansive views of the Columbia River Gorge dependent on…

read » August 31, 2015

New Campaign Perks Have Arrived

Well, sing it if you’d like to, but whoa, we’re halfway there! With about 15 days left in our crowdfunding campaign to not only make the site bigger and better but also build a custom search engine to help you find whatever kind of trail you’re looking for in a matter of seconds, we have officially raised over $17,000 from…

read » August 31, 2015

“L.A. Miner” Puts Spotlight on San Gabriel Prospectors

A recent post on LAist highlighted a new documentary short called “L.A. Miner,” which tells the story of Patrick Blankenship, a gold-panner in the San Gabriel Mountains, and several of his prospecting companions. The film itself tells a fascinating story and is beautifully shot, and at the beginning of the film, Patrick notes that mechanized mining and prospecting are illegal.…

read » August 27, 2015
Photo by Shawnte Salabert for Modern Hiker

Hike Thousand Island Lake

The Sierra Nevada hosts some of California’s most jaw-dropping scenery and as you can imagine, its Ansel Adams Wilderness is no slouch in the good looks department. In an area absolutely crawling with gargantuan snow-draped peaks and stunning sunlit watering holes, where iconic views and epic vistas are a dime a dozen, perhaps none are as universally revered as sparkling…

read » August 27, 2015

Product Review: NOKA Superfood Blends

On the Quick Pros: Portable, delicious, resealable Cons: Not yet widely available, a bit pricey per unit Best for: People who dream of snacks where portability, nutrition, and taste coexist Retail Price: $3.49 per pouch NOKA Superfood Blends are the tasty brainchildren of two adventurous Southern Californians who conjured up the idea for portable smoothies while biking through the…

read » August 26, 2015

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