Canyonlands Week

New trails added every day this week!

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Documentary Premiere

Watch 'I Am #Omniten' with us this Thursday!

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Griffith Park North Peaks

A fun, rugged trek across 4 peaks on Park's north side

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Best Hikes in L.A.

You thought L.A. was all urban sprawl and strip malls, right? WRONG. If you don't know where to start hiking, here are my favorite trails in SoCal.

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I Am Omniten Live Premiere

I am very excited to announce that I Am Omniten, the documentary we shot while in the Kingdom of Jordan with Columbia Sportswear‘s Omniten group, is debuting this Thursday, September 14th at 4PM Pacific. If you come back here, you’ll be abel to watch the entire, hour-long film on YouTube (and if you miss it, it will live on YouTube…

read » September 15, 2014

Hike the Upheaval Dome Overlook in Canyonlands

I think the Colorado Plateau region is one of – if not the most geologically spectacular places I’ve ever been. Everywhere you look, you can see billions of years of history at a glance, with the terrain and the life that inhabits it often twisted into strange shapes you could best describe as “otherworldly.” But no matter how many strange…

read » September 15, 2014
Grand View Point  Canyonlands

Hiking Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park

It’s no secret that Canyonlands National Park straddles some truly stunning territory. There are also no shortage of places to get stunning views of the canyons cut by the Colorado and Green Rivers – in many places you can just pull your car over at the side of the road and see something that’s going to probably stay with you…

read » September 15, 2014

Photo Friday – September 12, 2014

Dear readers – you all are great! We’re getting tons of submissions for our Photo Friday contests these days and I have to say that getting to look through them is quickly becoming a favorite part of my week. I wanted to try something new, so in addition to this week’s four winners getting a discount code from our good…

read » September 12, 2014
Stonewall Peak

Hike Stonewall Peak

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park boasts an embarrassment of natural riches, including lakes, streams, springs, mesas, the largest deer herd in the county, multiple flocks of wild turkeys, seemingly infinite hiking opportunities, and, of course, a quartet of easily accessible, 5,000′+ peaks (Cuyamaca, Middle, Stonewall, and Oakzanita). Of the four, the popular Stonewall Peak Trail is the most accessible while offering…

read » September 11, 2014
Raw Revolution Bars

Product Review – Raw Revolution Bars

Say what you will about diet crazes (and then wait six months to say it again about the next fad), but I think one of the prime benefits of the paleo and raw movements is the push for simple, natural ingredients in things. One of the reasons I like taking Lärabars with me on hikes (besides the deliciousness) is that…

read » September 10, 2014
Griffith Park North Loop

Hike Griffith Park’s Northside Loop

When most people think of L.A.’s iconic Griffith Park, they probably envision things like the Observatory, the Greek Theatre, the Hollywood Sign, the Zoo, and legions of picnicking families. But there’s also a wilder side to this urban retreat, far removed from the wide fire roads and smothering crowds – and we’ll take you there on this adrenaline-soaked rollercoaster adventure…

read » September 10, 2014
Mount Gower

Hiking Mount Gower

Way out past Ramona in the San Diego County Estates neighborhood lies the Mt. Gower Open Space Preserve. This 1574 acre park preserves a chunk of the San Diego backcountry in a nearly pristine state, while offering some moderate to challenging hiking and peakbagging. The highlight of the preserve is a cluster of three summits, one of which is dubbed…

read » September 9, 2014

Photo Friday – September 5, 2014

You know it, you love it, you’re aware it usually means you only have a few hours left at work before the weekends … it’s Photo Friday. We’re going to start things off with some beautiful vistas – and the first one is courtesy of new contributor Joseph, based in New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment is high up on…

read » September 5, 2014

Modern Hiker Takes the Silver

About a month ago, Modern Hiker was named a finalist in USA Today’s search to find the 10 Best Hiking Blogs in the country. 20 nominees were selected and then it was a mad rush of 28 days of nonstop voting. Those who follow Modern Hiker on Twitter or Facebook got to know Emmy, the Modern Hiker Pitbull, who was…

read » September 5, 2014

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