Save Murphy Ranch

Historic buildings are slated for demolition by the City of L.A.

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New Year's Resolution Hikes

These challenging routes require training, planning, and effort - and are well worth a spot on your resolutions list!

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Best Hikes in L.A.

You thought L.A. was all urban sprawl and strip malls, right? WRONG. If you don't know where to start hiking, here are my favorite trails in SoCal.

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9 Years of Favorite Hikes

Can you believe we've been around that long? Here are our favorites from every year since 2006

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Snow Safety Header

Winter Hiking in the Mountains

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” – mountaineer & author Ed Viesturs There’s no denying the magic of a fresh coat of snow frosting the mountains, and it’s only natural that hikers want to trade trail runners for waterproof boots to explore these gorgeous alpine winter wonderlands. With the right tools, education, and experience, it’s fun…

read » February 10, 2016

National Parks Film Hits 3D IMAX

Beginning on February 12th, MacGillivray Freeman’s National Parks Adventure will hit IMAX screens around the country in both 3D and 2D showings. The film follows Conrad Anker (most recently seen in last year’s climbing documentary Meru) along with his stepson Alex Lowe and family friend Rachel Pohl. The trio set out on a massive National Parks road trip, visiting about…

read » February 9, 2016
omelveny park

Five SoCal Hikes with Great Summit Views

There are lots of great reasons to hike, and every trail has something special to offer – but one of the most rewarding feelings is a great summit view. Whether you’ve climbed up a grueling backcountry trail full of switchbacks and loose ground or just found a little “off the beaten path” peak in a popular park, taking a break…

read » February 3, 2016
east fork title card

Changes Coming to the East Fork

It’s no secret that the East Fork of the San Gabriel River is both one of the most popular areas in the San Gabriel Mountains as well as one most in need of some TLC. The perennially overused and under-maintained region along East Fork Road and the Oaks Picnic Area are frequently cited by critics of the Forest Service as…

read » January 29, 2016
Minus33 - Keith - Packaging

Gear Review: Minus33 Merino Wool

As a budding adventurer, you quickly learn some fundamental things: what the 10 essentials are, which freeze dried meals are even remotely edible, and that you should never, under any circumstances, wear cotton. The Fabric Of Our Lives™ is wonderfully breathable and comfortable when it’s serving light duty from the office to the couch to the store. However, when you’re…

read » January 28, 2016
murphy ranch power house

Help Save Murphy Ranch from Demolition

According to the site LAHikes, the Murphy Ranch site in Rustic Canyon is due to be partially demolished by mid-February. The story was picked up by LAist and CurbedLA, who heard from a representative of Councilman Mike Bonin that only some of the buildings were to be demolished, while others were to be sealed with metal plates to prevent trespassing.…

read » January 27, 2016
merrell boots at OR

Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016 Highlights: Part 2

Earlier this week, Shawnté gave her initial impressions from Modern Hiker’s very first trip to the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. Here are some of my favorite picks from the Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016. Best Way to Stay Dry During El Niño: Columbia Sportswear OutDry Extreme Hiking in the rain can be fun, but let’s face it –…

read » January 21, 2016
Team MH at Winter OR

Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016 Highlights: Part 1

Most industries boast a signature trade show and the massive outdoor industry is no exception – our crowning glory is the biannual Outdoor Retailer extravaganza. This mecca for the adventure-inclined boasts over 1,000 exhibitors, countless educational panels, and a bevy of beer-soaked happy hour events to keep the stoke high. Retailer buyers, outdoor journalists, and athletes attend to discover new trends, drool over cutting-edge gear, and mingle…

read » January 19, 2016

Best New Year’s Resolution Hikes

The close of a year is a great time to look back at all of your accomplishments and successes, as well as set new challenges for yourself for the year to come. As New Year’s approaches, people are going to start asking what your New Year’s Resolution is. If you want to have something better than the usual “go the…

read » December 28, 2015
San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek

Hiking San Gorgonio Mountain via the Vivian Creek Trail

In June of 2015, the Lake Fire burned its way through thousands of acres of forest contained within the San Gorgonio Wilderness area of San Bernadino National Forest. Several popular trails, including the South Fork Trail to San Gorgonio Mountain, are now closed as a result (as of July 2015), leaving some of the more popular routes to the mountain…

read » December 27, 2015

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