Get up close and personal with two of L.A.’s landmarks on this moderate 6.5 mile out-and-back in Griffith Park — the iconic Hollywood Sign AND the Batcave from the 60’s TV series “Batman.” This dog-friendly route is popular with local hikers, fitness buffs, and equestrians, and is a good way to tack a local workout into your hiking routine. This mostly shadeless route is rarely steep, but it does have a very steady incline for almost the entire route. Be sure to bring water – especially if it’s a sunny day – and watch out for rattlesnakes!

Let’s face it – eventually you or someone you know is going to want to hike to the Hollywood Sign. It’s sort of a right of passage for Angelenos and tourists alike. Although many people are confused and disappointed to learn that it’s not actually possible to hike to the Sign itself (a chain link fence and lots of security cameras prevent hikers from reaching the giant letters), this route takes you to the peak directly behind the sign for some beautiful views of the city and a day well-spent outside.

While this route is a bit lengthier than other approaches, it does avoid the contentious and – as of late – downright nasty access battle currently raging in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles. Residents there are upset that hikers were parking on narrow, winding neighborhood streets to access a public park on established trails, and have taken to hiring private security guards to block that access, post intimidating (and unofficial but official-looking) signs to discourage visitors, petitioned Google to remove directions from Google Maps, and have filed a lawsuit against the city to close those trails.

The debate is ongoing, but for now you can (and should) skip all that hullabaloo and head to Canyon Drive north of Franklin. At the end of this road inside Griffith Park, there’s a small parking lot near the gated trailhead as well as a larger spillover lot just a bit further south. Park here and hike north – but before you do, backtrack south a bit the gate, hang a sharp left onto a dirt road.


This is not on the route to the Hollywood Sign, but this very short side-trip will take you to another Hollywood landmark – the Bronson Caves – perhaps better known to most as the BATCAVE.


The Bronson Caves were formed by the Union Rock Company, which operated a quarry here from 1903 through the late 1920s. The quarry’s scars in the landscape are still visible as these sort of strange, unnatural amphitheaters (and, of course, the caves), and are especially clear when you view the region from above or on Google Earth. The area was originally named Brush Canyon, but became known as Bronson Canyon for the street in the nearby neighborhood.

You can walk through the cave if you’re not claustrophobic. It’s very short, just be sure to stomp around a bit in case any rattlesnakes are taking a nap in there.




These caves are probably most recognizable from the 60’s Batman series, but they’ve also been used in a lot of movies, too, including films like Army of Darkness and The Searchers, one of my personal favorites.

On a clear day, it is also possible to see the Hollywood Sign from the other side of the Caves. While we could make it out, the hiking weather on this particular day was “extra hazy.”


Return back down the dirt road and take a right at the pavement, passing the parking area and heading toward this locked gate.


You are now on the dirt-path continuation of Canyon Drive. Here, the trail begins its moderate but relentless climb – about 600 feet in a mile. There’s a bit of shade in these early parts of the trail, but it’s few and far between – so if it’s hot or sunny, be prepared to sweat!


Like I mentioned, this is a popular trail. You’ll be sharing it with joggers, dog-walkers, babies in action-strollers, hiking groups, boot camps, and equestrians. Be sure to give the horses ample room if you’re passing.


At about the 1.8 mile mark, you will reach a three way junction with the Mullholland Highway – another wide dirt path. Take a left at this junction and hike west. For the next 0.9 miles, the trail is mercifully level, although you’re still exposed to full sun.

You’ll also start to see the Hollywood Sign from some interesting side angles, too (note that ‘interesting’ in this instance also means ‘difficult to photograph’):


If it’s clear, you’ll actually have better views of the Griffith Park Observatory and Mount Hollywood to the east.



At 2.3 miles, the fire road hits another 3-way junction with Beechwood Drive. Keep to the right to stay on the Mullholland Highway and continue another 0.3 miles to another junction – this time with the paved Mount Lee Drive.

If you just want views of the Hollywood Sign, you might be better off taking a left here and descending a bit – but if you want to top Mount Lee and get behind the sign, take a sharp right onto Mount Lee Drive and start steep incline.


From here, it’s about another 0.9 miles to the summit of Mount Lee. The road wraps around the north side of the peak, so you’ll get a few valley views before the road turns back to the south face. If it were less hazy, you’d be able to see the San Gabriels pretty well from this vantage point, too:



As soon as the road rounds a sharp bend to the south face of the peak, you’ll be able to see the Hollywood Sign behind the scenes – and through a fence.

Even though you can’t get really close to the letters, it’s pretty cool to see them from this angle, and realize how big they actually are.



… and just in case you were thinking of it:


Just to the left of the locked gate at the Mount Lee radio towers, there’s a short path that climbs to the actual summit of the mountain, just next to some USGS seismic monitoring equipment. Soak in the views of L.A. and the Hollywood Reservoir from here, then return back the way you came.




For an alternate route to the Hollywood Sign that’s shorter in distance but tougher in elevation and trail difficulty, consider tackling Mount Lee from the west via Cahuenga Peak.

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Casey Schreiner

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Modern Hiker
Since founding Modern Hiker in 2006, Casey's work on the site has appeared in regional and national publications, including the Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, the Associated Press, CNN, New York Magazine, High Country News, and others. He has broken several national news stories about outdoor vandalism and policies and his first book "Day Hiking Los Angeles" is available for pre-order.
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This post was written by Casey Schreiner on May 18, 2010


  • Eljefe says:

    Are bikes allowed anywhere in the trails?

  • Shawn says:

    Casey, THANK YOU for the well thought out instructions for this hike. I brought my wife/son to LA for mothers day weekend and this was the first thing we did Friday morning. I printed the page and we had our own “turn by turn” GPS. This route offers breath taking (and famous) views of the city below…and we managed to get up, summit, and come back in down in 2 hours. My wife seems to think everything is a race I guess. haha

    I have been to LA several times but this was their first trip and I can’t think of a better “introduction” to the city. We look forward to taking advantage of the other trails on future trips. Much success on your book coming out!

  • Saf says:

    I would like to do this hike on a Saturday morning. How early would you recommend going to avoid heat or crowds?

    • As early as you can, especially on the weekend. This is a hugely popular trail in a hugely popular park, but wake up early and you’ll likely be on your way down while the big crowds are just getting started!

  • Nadine says:

    Is there a way to get to the starting point without a car ?
    I know there were shuttle busses but i heard the service got discontinued so i was wondering if there’s another way to get there ! :)
    Thanks so much

  • Annie says:

    We did the Hollywood sign hike based on this yesterday-thank you so much! Didn’t find the bat caves but still, in the heat was a tough hike!

  • Stella says:

    I would like to find someone who wants to hike the mount Lee on the 6th or 7th of September.
    Where can I post it?

  • Gerry Matthews says:

    I love doing that hike! The other day however I mixed it up and went to the Hollywood sign by way of Mount Chapel. Really fun little single track scramble that let’s you out on Mount Lee Drive.

  • Cindy says:

    3 hours round trip or one way? Thanks for the detailed info!

  • Jessica says:

    Just did this hike yesterday- and I think there might be a mistake in the directions. Directions state, “If you just want views of the Hollywood Sign, you might be better off taking a right (should say left) here and descending a bit – but if you want to top Mount Lee and get behind the sign, take a sharp right onto Mount Lee Drive and start steep incline.

    We took a right and made it to behind the sign without issue, thanks for this write up!

  • Renee Yetzke says:

    Is this hike still accurate? Is it 6 miles round trip?

  • happyfungal19 says:

    I just went on this hike last weekend. It is absolutely amazing! Definitely want to go again. Thank you so much for taking pictures and giving directions. We would have been so confused without them. One bit of encouragement, after the first 1.1 miles, the trail flattens out, so don’t be discouraged by the beginning incline. Happy hiking! :)

  • Michael Janos says:

    Casey, I live in Baltimore and am a former resident of L.A. and will be visiting L.A. in April 2015. Right now, I’m researching various options for hiking to the top of Mt. Lee. So far, I’m getting the impression that Hollyridge Trail is still closed to the public after almost a year, and that the easiest weekday hike that is still open to the public is the Brush Canyon Trail (at the end of Canyon Blvd.) Would that be accurate? And also, is the trail around Hollywood Resevoir still open to the public with available parking? Thank you very much.

    • The Hollyridge Trail opened today, but if you want to have an actual hike and not fight crowds, I highly recommend trekking up past Cahuenga Peak and the Wisdom Tree instead. If Hollyridge isn’t your thing, there are lots and lots of options for getting up there.

      The Hollywood Reservoir is also still open.

      • Michael Janos says:

        Thank you very much, Casey. It will be on a Friday afternoon that I do this hike to Mt. Lee. With Hollyridge trail now re-opened, are you suggesting that parking on Beechwood near the trailhead could be a problem (esp. on a Friday afternoon)?

        • It’s one of the most popular routes in the entire city, so prepare for some time spent looking for parking. From what I’ve read, the entire area is now heavily parking restricted on the weekends, but if you’re planning on a weekday afternoon you’ll have better luck. Have a great hike!

  • Thank you for the perfectly described route,especially the parking,which can often be the hardest park of the outing! We ventured with a group of 22 from 5 to 55! And enjoyed a visit to nearby Pinks before heading home.

  • vre says:

    is 3 hours round trip or just one way

  • Bryan says:

    I know a lot of griffit park opens at 6:00 around sunrise. Are there any gates or anything to stop you from going a little bit earlier? say 5:30?

    • I think that may depend on where you’re going in … There is a gate on Canyon Drive (almost got caught in there after sunset). Now, you could conceivably park south of the gate and scramble around it – but you would be doing that at your own risk and at the very real risk of getting a ticket from a ranger.

  • Frenchie says:

    Great hike, thanks for the advice and directions!! I enjoyed every minute of it!

  • dana says:

    Is it 6.5 miles and about 3 hrs travel time one way? Or is that roundtrip? thanks!

  • Em says:

    Went on this hike yesterday! Thanks for the info…Love your website!

  • molly says:

    Do dogs need to be on leash?

  • says:

    Is this still current? I’d love to do this next month when I travel to LA.

  • Great write-up! I especially enjoyed your pictures.

  • Melanie says:

    Hoping to take this hike this weekend. Does there happen to be any place along this path for a picnic? (Even if its just a nice grassy area, out of the way of hikers)

  • Cam says:

    heading out to LA this week to visit our daughter. I usually hike Fryman every morning, but I think I’ll do this hike one morning, sounds wonderful:)

  • Jeffrey Boal says:

    To heck with The Bat Cave. The first movie I know of that was filmed at The Caves was the original ‘Invasion of The Body Snatchers’ from 1956 starring Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter. Not to mention that Beachwood Village, one canyon to the west also played a large part in the movie. Also the Mullholland Highway bridge over the Hollywood Freeway was featured.

  • jill says:

    Is this information still accurate? I am looking to do this hike next weekend.

  • Josh says:

    Hi :) I just was talking about hiking up there! Thanks for the useful information! I appriciate it! Great work :) x

  • Josh says:

    Thank you for this post it was super helpful when I went and did this hike yesterday. I have linked to it from my recap you can find here.

    Thanks again I appreciate it!

  • O says:

    Great hike. Your directions were perfect, as was the weather. It was amazingly clear, especially on the valley side (which I think is rare). It took me about 2.5 hours even though I took my time.

  • Alex Sabio says:

    Cool Hike. Now it’s checked off my bucket list. It took me 2.5 hours, and I took my time and took a bunch of pictures. I wish I would have know about the Batcave! The only downside is all the smog. I wish it were a clear day, they say you could see the Pacific Ocean on a clear day in the background.

  • Thanks for the writeup! I hiked this twice recently using the route you suggested and it was wonderful.

  • Tyler says:

    Hey Chanceblue, Ill do it for 10 bucks.

  • Naomi says:

    Like this hike. Really get a chance to see ALL of Los Angeles.

  • Chanceblue says:

    These pictures are great. Would anyone know a tour guide who can take a group of 30 to the Hollywood sign and back? They are willing to pay a fee.

  • SoCal Hiker says:

    I’ve added this to my “must hike” list. Sounds like the quintessential LA hike.

  • maryrocks33 says:

    I did this hike today and the weather was perfect with a little breeze:)Really great views of all of Los Angeles, all the way to the coean and out to the San Gabriels! There seemed to be a trail, that if I went right instead of left I would make it over to Griffith Park Observatory…Is that correct?

  • Tyler says:

    Next time you do this hike watch for the end of the fence right before the road turns the corner to the sign. There is an awesome single track trail to the taller Cahuenga peak and beyond. It seems like your doing something wrong but the land beyond the fence is now city property and unofficially part of Griffith Park. Its a great change of scenery and no one goes up there. Also there are some great single track trials that follow the ridges to the sign rather than walking on a horse pie fire road. See you up there!

  • Adayak says:

    Cool write up – I never knew the batcaves from the 60s Batman were actually filmed up by the Hollywood sign. That trivia will come in handy some day I know it.

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