Over the summer, a group of multimedia artists spent a few weeks hiking the John Muir Trail, documenting every step of the way. Eventually, they plan to launch an online exhibition on the Trail, with plenty of GPS info, pictures, trail-musings and videos, but for now they’ve posted the first take on their video.

If this first clip is any indication, they’re going to have something really amazing on their hands when they’re done.

Almost There – The Muir Project from The Muir Project on Vimeo.

OK … so who’s up for the JMT next year?

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Casey Schreiner

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This post was written by Casey Schreiner on September 23, 2011


  • The Hike Guy says:

    I saw this bunch on the trail when I was hiking north on the PCT (the PCT and the JMT are the same trail for a couple hundred miles) in July. I was impressed that they were hiking the trail with so much gear! Thanks for pointing this out, Casey. I had forgotten the name of their project.

  • Turtle says:

    This was a terrific video…thoroughly enjoyed it!! Just hiked the JMT for the first time this year (Sept. 2011) which turned out to be one of the most profound, incredible backcountry experiences of my life! Best people I have ever met on any trail (other hikers) & best scenery of anywhere I have backpacked besides Switzerland!

  • Socal_Sapper says:

    What an awesome video! Cant wait to see the rest.

  • sharko says:

    In for next year +2.

  • Ray Anderson says:

    Gorgeous video and superb photography. I hiked the part of the JMT that coincides with the PCT, and it’s a dream to go back and do all of it. People always ask me where I’d like to hike most and I tell the the JMT.

  • Raphael says:

    Well, the hail, mosquitoes, and bears suck. And the steps up Mather Pass can affect your will to live. But the JMT is easily one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

    I watched the video of the AT you posted here a while ago, and I couldn’t help but think how rare the breathtaking scenery was relative to the JMT. The Appalachians are beautiful, but if you want jaw-dropping views day after day (we averaged one pass a day), go for the JMT.

    That said, from all accounts, the JMT/PCT is much easier than the AT!

  • Jeff Hester says:

    It’s a beautiful video and I can’t wait to see the finished exhibition! I hiked the JMT last year for the second time. We did in 22 days, and it really is the experience of a lifetime.

    The one thing that I would warn would-be JMT thru-hikers is that’s it’s not a trivial hike. The video makes it look like sunshine and butterflies. It IS that beautiful (more, actually) but it gets hard at times — REALLY hard. For a great, realistic picture of the journey, check out Trevor’s three-part Postholes videos. Here’s Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr6eOOSVTw4&list=FLvJKdMmFrHcljmhKyLYQUJw&index=39

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