R0012478The Volunteer Trail Crew Coordinator at Deukmejian Wilderness Park dropped me a line to let me know that their restoration of the Rim of the Valley Trail is now complete.

The all-volunteer repair effort lasted about a full year, and now you can use the Rim of the Valley Trail to connect with the Haynes Canyon Fire Road and take that to the summit of Mount Lukens. I did this route several years ago (before the Station Fire) after a nice rain and found this stretch of the Rim of the Valley Trail to be one of the prettiest in the San Gabriels. The volunteers’ efforts have now turned to the Crescenta View Trail, which they expect to have restored in a few months.

If you’re interested in helping with the volunteer effort, they encourage you to keep track of trail events on their Facebook Page.

Thanks to everyone whose hard work helped restore the trail back to hiking shape!

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Casey Schreiner

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Modern Hiker
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This post was written by Casey Schreiner on October 8, 2012


  • Kristin Sabo says:

    Um – reminds me – when are we all going to restore Sister Elsie? I’d love to work on that one.

  • Kristin Sabo says:

    I’m kind of confused. I thought they were working on Rim of the Valley up from Deukmejian itself which connects to Haines Canyon Fire Road/Motorway part of the Mt. Lukens hike you linked. This would be from the south and east of your loop to the fire road. The pic above from the loop is of the bypass trail – today now shown as “Old Mt Lukens Trail (since when?)” on Google – that starts at the Sister Elsie split. Last I used the trail in the pic (last winter), it was perfectly passable.

    What section did they actually restore?

    • Modern Hiker says:

      Maybe I was a little confused – the description of what was repaired is exactly as it is in this post. The map *I’m* looking at right now traces my Mount Lukens Hike as linked as starting on the Rim of the Valley Trail, then hopping onto the Sister Elsie / Azteca Spur, then rejoining the Rim of the Valley via the ‘Old Mount Lukens Trail’ before summitting and returning via Sister Elsie – so most of that hike WAS on the Rim of the Valley.

      From the email the coordinator sent me, she said “restoration of the Rim of the Valley Trail is complete” and they were moving onto the Crescenta View Trail which they describe as being “in poor shape.”

      The pic in the post is mine, from a hike on these trails several years ago. I couldn’t tell you whether or not that particular view is on the Rim of the Valley Trail (since that denomination seems to come and go, geographically speaking) but it is a picture from the route as described in the write-up.

      • Kristin Sabo says:

        I went to their FB page and read through their posts on their restoration activities and I’m pretty sure they’ve restored the Rim of the Valley access Trail that runs from the base of Deukmejian to the Haines Canyon Motorway (also labeled Rim of the Valley Trail). It connects to your hike path at Haines Cyn Motorway running up a narrow ridge and there is a sign that marks where it connects. I’ve zoomed in on Google here –


        -to show where the sign is at the intersection. The sign labels “Rim of the Valley” pointing down toward Deukmejian, not up along Haines Cyn Motorway. I think this is what they repaired, and it was in serious need of this repair. See this screen shot I took from the City of Glendale parks page – it shows the exact trail labeled Rim of the Valley from the base of Deukmejian to Haines Cyn Motorway:


        Sorry for being so literal – it is a personality trait that is both a blessing and a curse. I do hike this area alot but not during the summer. I will hoof it up there in the next week or so and see what has changed and report back.

        • Kristin Sabo says:

          Just got back from hiking Haines Cyn Motorway to the point where the Deukmejian Rim of the Valley trail intersects it. I didn’t see evidence of any restoration on Haines Cyn Motorway beyond having rocks removed by the mountain bikers who are seriously using the area. The Deukmejian Rim of the Valley Trail has very obviously been restored recently – it looks great (!) even in the relative dark. I did remember it a little wrong – there is a post at the intersection. You have to go down that trail to the point before you find the sign.

          Note that there were lots of new single tracks all over the place built by the bikers. Lots.

          It was too late to make a major detour up Azteca Spur but the short distance I did venture up on the way back showed no obvious evidence of restoration, but it was dark. Will check Azteca spur up the VW Bug trail soon.

          Oh, and I am very ticky and I got rained on. It scared me – water falling from the sky. Seems like such a distant memory.

  • ADKinLA says:

    Casey, thanks for the update! Lukens is definitely near the top of my list and now that the connector is done, do you think that going up the Rim of the Valley instead of the Sister Elsie way is a better way to avoid the ticks you previously described?

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