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Soldiers Loop

Hiking the Soldiers Loop

This beautiful loop through a quiet corner of Giant Forest offers a bit of park history, beautiful meadows, giant sequoias, and some phenomenal sunset viewing spots at Moro Rock and Hanging Rock. Set aside a cool June evening to get the best out of the hike so that you can enjoy the late evening views west over the Sierra Foothills.…

read » July 21, 2016
Edith Cavell Glacier-7

Hiking to Angel Glacier at Mount Edith Cavell

This short and relatively easy trail puts you within sight of the hanging Angel Glacier and the otherworldly blue glacial pond beneath Mount Edith Cavell — the most prominent peak entirely within the boundaries of Alberta — which was named for an incredible heroine of World War I. Further trail options include a beautiful alpine meadow, and a challenging technical ascent of…

read » July 20, 2016
sunshine meadows-12

Hiking Sunshine Meadows

A figure-8 loop across the border into British Columbia that passes the Continental Divide and three stunning alpine lakes beyond a popular ski resort. With waterfalls and snow in the early summer, spectacular wildflower displays later in the season, and golden larches in the fall, this is often called Canada’s best day hike … and for good reason. Sunshine Meadows…

read » July 19, 2016
Scodie Mountain from the PCT

Hike Scodie Mountain via Northeast Ridge

Note: This map renders additional distance on this route for some reason. The GPX is accurate at 6.9 miles roundtrip. Scodie Mountain is the highest peak in the Scodie Mountain subrange of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. While this peak doesn’t qualify as a classic, the solitude and views easily make it a worthwhile objective if you are looking for…

read » July 15, 2016
Poli Poli (7)

Hiking Poli Poli State Recreation Area

Visitors to Maui come to the island expecting a certain kind of natural experience: sparklingly clear ocean waters, palm trees swaying in the breeze, waterfalls tumbling into secluded pools amidst tropical jungles, and jagged fields of lava rock. Visitors would be excused if they didn’t expect to encounter a slice of the Pacific Northwest inexplicably plopped down on the slopes…

read » July 14, 2016
plain of six glaciers-24

Hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse at Lake Louise

An absolutely unforgettable and epic day hike from the shores of world famous Lake Louise to a stunning glacial overlook deep in the Canadian Rockies. During the summer months, ambitious hikers can refuel empty stomachs and sooth tired legs at the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse – an almost painfully charming rest stop tucked aside the glacial valley here. If…

read » July 13, 2016
athabasca falls jasper-9

Hike to Athabasca Falls

As far was waterfalls go, the 75 foot tall (23m) Athabasca Falls wouldn’t win any medals for height, but what it lacks in stature it more than makes up for in raw power. A phenomenal amount of water tumbles down this cascade, made narrower (and therefore more forceful) by the surrounding hard quartzite rocks. A series of short and easy…

read » July 12, 2016

Hiking Mount Yamnuska (Mount John Laurie)

Rising like a towering monolith, Mount Yamnuska looms 7,349 feet above the prairies west of Calgary at the entry to the deeper Canadian Rockies. Popular with rock climbers and adventurous hikers, this trail requires some scrambling skills or lots of patience with nearly vertical scree ascents and cable sections. But if you’re up for the challenge, the views and feeling of…

read » July 11, 2016
Del Mar Mesa 5

Hiking Del Mar Mesa Preserve

Much of coastal San Diego lies upon a series of sandstone terraces cut deeply in many places by intermittent and perennial streams. This characteristic “mesa and canyon” topography has been made less conspicuous by decades of barely restrained development. Today, subdivisions, shopping centers, roads, and a handful of municipal and county parks occupy, but do not entirely obscure this topography.…

read » July 7, 2016
tent ridge-22

Hiking the Tent Ridge Track

This loop trail around Tent Ridge in Spray Lakes Provincial Park is a challenging day hike with some light technical sections, steep exposures, and absolutely epic views of the Spray Lakes, Kananaskis area, and southeastern Banff National Park. This is a stunning trail that belongs on every hiker’s must-do list. Towering some 8,000 feet above the deep valleys of Kananaskis…

read » July 6, 2016
chester lake-17

Hiking Chester Lake

A beautiful, moderate trek through a dense pine and larch forest to a picturesque alpine lake surrounded by majestic peaks, the trail to Chester Lake is a gentle incline with a huge visual payoff. Perfect as a day hike or as the start of a backpacking trip, this route is also accessible during the winter months as a snowshoeing trail.…

read » July 5, 2016
grassi lakes-19

Hike Grassi Lakes

A beautiful hike through a dense forest to a pair of beautiful emerald lakes sitting at the edge of an ancient reef. Located just outside of the town of Canmore and reachable via a fun but moderately strenuous trail or an easier fire road ascent, this route is popular with day hikers and rock climbers alike. Grassi Lakes is part…

read » June 28, 2016
Trail runners heading up Indianhead

Hiking Indianhead Mountain

This route to one of Borrego Valley’s iconic peaks features a sampling of the best features of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park all rolled into one. The views from the summit of Indianhead Mountain are spectacular, as is the vertigo-inducing ascent. This hike is a must for all lovers of the Anza-Borrego Desert. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is rich in all…

read » June 7, 2016
head smashed in-15

Hike at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site

An easy nature trail outside a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides a great opportunity to learn how the region’s First Nations people utilized this unique terrain over thousands of years. A wonderful accompaniment to the excellent on-site museum and a great place to experience the wide-open magic of Canada’s Great Plains. Located between Calgary and Waterton Lakes National…

read » June 6, 2016
bear's hump waterton lakes-14

Hike Bear’s Hump

This short trek is a perfect introduction to Waterton Lakes National Park. Beginning just behind the main Visitor Centre for the park, this rugged little trail makes a surprisingly steep climb to a rocky promontory with clear views in nearly every direction. From here, you’ll have unparalleled views of Waterton Village and the Lakes themselves, not to mention the picturesque…

read » May 24, 2016
crypt lake-44

Hiking Crypt Lake

Voted Canada’s Best Hike in 1981 and rated one of the world’s most thrilling trails by National Geographic in 2014, the 11-mile trail to Crypt Lake and back is definitely worthy of superlatives. Your trip begins on a boat ride from Waterton Township, then climbs up nearly 2200 feet of trail through dense forest surrounded by towering peaks. You’ll pass…

read » May 23, 2016
lineham falls-34

Hiking Lineham Falls

A beautiful journey through Lineham Canyon, this hike takes you through dense pine forests and open alpine meadows filled with summer wildflowers into a gorgeous amphitheater dotted with azure lakes and crowned by a 410-foot tall waterfall. A stunning day hike — one of the finest in the region. If you’ve ever spent time hiking in the Columbia River Gorge…

read » May 19, 2016

Hike Millard Canyon Falls

This short trip to a picturesque waterfall is a beautiful hike at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains that has long been closed due to wildfires. Extend your time in the area at the nearby campsite or with neighboring trails. The 2009 Station Fire really did a number on outdoor recreation in the San Gabriel Mountains. Millard Canyon, long…

read » May 19, 2016
red rock and blackiston falls-2

Hike Red Rock Canyon and Blackiston Falls

A just-under 2 mile loop trail that explores some of the scenic highlights of northern Waterton Lakes National Park, this route takes you inside the beautifully color-contrasted Red Rock Canyon and to a lovely overlook of Blackiston Falls. This is a great introduction to this section of the park or a nice way to squeeze in some extra trail time…

read » May 18, 2016

Hike the Mayhem Gulch Trail

This great front country journey provides some much-needed natural escape for citizens of Denver. Just an hour’s drive outside the city, hikers can enjoy a quick and easy (and mostly solitary) trek or a full day in the outdoors. An alternating weekend use prevents unnecessary conflict between hikers and cyclists — if you’re headed here on the weekend and aren’t…

read » May 17, 2016