How to Use Google Earth

… with this site specifically, that is.

I offer Google Earth .KMZ files for download on this site. They’ll allow you to get an accurate, three-dimensional view of the trails I write about, their surrounding areas, and accurate, personalized directions to the trailhead. Here’s how.

1. Download Google Earth. Don’t worry, it’s free.

2. Check out one of the hike write-ups here. Scroll to the 3-D thumbnail image, or just click on the EARTH tab at the very top of the write up.

3. Either Right-click and save the file, or left click and use Google Earth to open it.

4. For directions, look for the waypoint marked TRAILHEAD on the map. It’ll be tough to stop floating around the mountains, but I have confidence in you.

5. Left-click on the Trailhead waypoint. You’ll get a little pop-up window that gives you the options to get directions both TO and FROM.

6. Google Earth will zoom out, giving you a wide-view of the path your car has to take to get to the Wonders of Nature.

7. Additionally, you can PRINT a list of directions, get a time-estimate, and – if you’re bored – take a 3-D ground-level fly through of the roads.

And that’s it! Happy hiking, and drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.

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