Teotihuacan Pyramid

Climb one of the world's largest pyramids

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Portuguese Bend

A rugged coastal trek on Palos Verdes

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Sequoia Week

11 new trails all week long

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Best Hikes in L.A.

You thought L.A. was all urban sprawl and strip malls, right? WRONG. If you don't know where to start hiking, here are my favorite trails in SoCal.

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Product Review: The Ultralight Sublite Tarp Tent

  On the Quick: Sleeps: 1 Weight: 19.5oz Floor Area: 20sqft Interior Height: 42in Length: 86in Width: 42in MSRP: $209 Available From: www.tarptent.com As an Ultra-Lighter, I’m always doing whatever I can to shed any extra weight from my pack,  from trimming tags to eradicating luxury items. But despite all the little tricks I use to cut ounces here and…

read » August 18, 2014

Photo Friday – August 15

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the late post – this is coming to you live from the Portland Airport, where I’m catching up on some work after spending the last few days with the Columbia Sportswear Omniten following the premiere of our Jordan documentary (more on that soon!). This week’s Photo Friday is one big hug to the fantastic photographers…

read » August 15, 2014

Hike Teotihuacan National Park

If you’re even remotely interested in history, Mexico City has something for you. The site has been inhabited by advanced civilizations since 1325 and by the time the first Europeans stumbled into the region, the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan had somewhere between 100 and 200 thousand people living within its fully planned borders. However, just north of Tenochtitlan, the even more…

read » August 12, 2014

Hike Portuguese Bend Reserve to Sacred Cove

If you dream of traveling to Big Sur, but don’t want to load the mileage on your car, here’s your consolation prize: a local getaway to sweeping ocean vistas, towering craggy cliffs, and churning teal seas via a six-mile round trip from the top of Palos Verdes’ Portuguese Bend Reserve to sea level at Sacred Cove. Visible from high points…

read » August 11, 2014

Hike Alta Peak and Alta Meadow in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest comprises an area of about 1,800 acres and features many of the park’s main attractions, including Sherman Tree, Congress Trail, Crescent Meadow, and Moro Rock. Add to this about 3.8 miles of trail leading to Tokopah Falls, and the attractions most visitors to Sequoia National Park see can be contained within about 2,200 or so acres. However, Sequoia…

read » August 8, 2014

Photo Friday – August 9, 2014

If you’re in an office counting down the minutes until you get to lace up your hiking boots for the weekend, odds are it’s time for another Photo Friday. This week we had more excellent submissions of outdoor photos from around the web. It’s getting tougher and tougher to pick favorites! First up is frequent contributor Jon Bradley, who captured…

read » August 8, 2014

Hike Monarch Lake and Sawtooth Pass in Sequoia National Park

If you are looking for creative ways to torture your quads, calves, and hamstrings, have I got the hike for you. Sawtooth Pass (and its eponymous peak) offers the chance to climb nearly straight up a 45 degree slope through scree so loose that it could double as styrofoam packing peanuts – while hiking in full sun with no tree…

read » August 7, 2014

Hike Eagle Lake in Sequoia National Park

One of the great things about Mineral King Valley is that it allows some of the easiest access to Sierran high country on the western end of Sequoia National Park. From the Eagle-Mosquito Trailhead, which is just a hair shy of 8,000’, there is access to three separate glacially carved valleys – Eagle, Mosquito, and White Chief, containing the kinds…

read » August 7, 2014

Hike White Chief Bowl in Sequoia National Park

White Chief Bowl is a large glacial bowl tucked into the back of colorful White Chief Canyon. Here, you will find meadows, streams, a small tarn, and a handful of backcountry campsites. The area has a long history of mining, and large outcrops of beautiful white marble are abundant throughout the hike. In addition to the mining history, the area features…

read » August 7, 2014

Hike the Cold Springs Nature Trail in Sequoia National Park

One of the most beautiful trails in Mineral King is also one of the most unassuming. The Cold Springs Nature Trail travels through lush meadows and stands of aspen and cottonwood near the banks of the East Fork River. Despite being only 1.25 miles from the Cold Springs Campground to the Eagle-Mosquito parking lot, Cold Springs has a lot to…

read » August 6, 2014

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