Morrison Cave Shutdown

The popular cave has been closed due to a massive amount of graffiti and vandalism.

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It's Bloom Season

Here are the best wildflower resources for Southern California

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Best Hikes in L.A.

You thought L.A. was all urban sprawl and strip malls, right? WRONG. If you don't know where to start hiking, here are my favorite trails in SoCal.

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9 Years of Favorite Hikes

Can you believe we've been around that long? Here are our favorites from every year since 2006

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jim morrison cave 3

Jim Morrison Cave Closed Indefinitely Due to Vandals

File under: Why we can’t have nice things. Just one day after we had to inform a group of Stanford Alumni that taking spray paint and sharpies into the Santa Monica Mountains to “leave their mark” was probably not the best of ideas, we have just received word from California State Parks’ Angeles District Superintendent Craig Sap that the Corral…

read » April 29, 2016
Hilleberg Kaitum 2 GT

Gear Review: Hilleberg Kaitum 2 GT 4 Season Tent

Intended Use: All-Season/4-Season Mountaineering Weight: 8lbs 3oz (packed weight) Pros: Easy pitch, super high-quality materials, giant vestibule Cons: A little heavy, difficult to hang dry due to design Best for: Extreme weather camping Retail Price: $1020   “There’s no such thing as bad weather when you have the right gear” is an axiom common among hikers for whom a storm, snow, or tsunami aren’t a…

read » April 29, 2016
jim morrison cave yelp 3

Stanford Alumni Group Reverses Planned Graffiti Outing

If you’ve been a longtime reader of Modern Hiker, you know that outdoor graffiti and vandalism is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts. We’ve written extensively on the topic and although the high-profile National Park cases tend to get the most attention, graffiti can also have a hugely negative impact on state and local parks as well.…

read » April 28, 2016
Peak Design

Product Review: Peak Design CapturePro Clip and Camera Cover

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you are an adventurer like me. Whether it’s wilderness that calls to you, or travel and culture that inspires you, adventure is most often at the forefront of your mind. Perhaps you are a creator, or someone who is always looking for new ways to bring your adventures and your ideas together.…

read » April 27, 2016
Gonzales Canyon

Hiking Gonzales Canyon

This moderate route through a trio of coastal canyons offers a nice respite from the crowded confines of suburban North County. Along the way, you’ll enjoy well-preserved stands of aromatic coastal sage-scrub before reaching an impressive grove of California sycamores along the banks of Gonzales Creek. In spite of coastal North County’s legendary beauty, hiking opportunities north of La Jolla…

read » April 25, 2016

Product Review: GoSun Solar Stoves

When you’re cooking outdoors, your options are usually limited to using portable gas stoves or the more traditional (and responsibly cared-for) campfire. But sometimes campfires aren’t allowed; and although you can recycle used gas canisters at some outdoor stores, the process still creates waste … and it’s never fun running out of your fuel in the middle of a meal.…

read » April 22, 2016
monument valley

Visiting Monument Valley

Perhaps no other single location in the world is more uniquely identified with the American West than Monument Valley. These epic mesas and buttes have been etched into our collective memory over decades of films, television shows, and cartoons and in many ways now act as a visual shorthand for The West, but for many, many years they were ignored…

read » April 21, 2016
Mauna Kea

Hike Mauna Kea

The island of Hawai’i, colloquially known as the “Big Island,” features a number of remarkable extremes that set it apart not just from the other Hawaiian Islands, but from most other places throughout the world. Here is a place with barren volcanic deserts and lush rain forests receiving 240″ of rainfall a year separated by a few dozen miles. On…

read » April 20, 2016
ahnu feature

Ahnu Ridgecrest: Gear Review

The perfect hiking shoe has been a long sought-after item for me.  As someone who spends over half of the year hiking, backpacking, and climbing, my shoes get a lot of use and abuse very quickly. Part of why I’ve yet to find the perfect hiking shoe is because I demand a challenging blend of characteristics in each pair’s design…

read » April 20, 2016
Rabbit Peak

Hiking Rabbit Peak via Villager Peak

One of the most challenging hikes in Southern California. This ascent of a long, ramp-like ridge takes you first to Villager Peak and then, after much undulating, to the remote sky island of Rabbit Peak. The views are phenomenal, and the sunsets and sunrises can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Not for the faint-of-heart, and certainly only for experienced hikers, this is…

read » April 19, 2016

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