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Product Review: Tribe Provisions Adventure II Tent

A Quick Look Design – 2-person, 3-season Dome Tent Weight – 5 lbs sans footprint Pros – Versatile beginner tent, roomy, easy to use Cons – Poor durability Best For – Car camping and short-term backpacking Retail Price – $129   Since I spend over half of my nights in a tent, I’m always interested in trying out the latest…

read » June 29, 2016
Undies 101 header

Hiking Underwear 101

Undies. Drawers. Chonies. Tighty Whities. Unmentionables. Whatever you call it, underwear is often overlooked when people begin outfitting themselves for hiking and backpacking trips. However, they are not only the literal foundation of your layering system, but they’re also situated right next to your delicates, so we’d argue you’re doing a disservice by making them an afterthought. In the name of…

read » June 21, 2016
ahnu feature

Ahnu Ridgecrest: Gear Review

The perfect hiking shoe has been a long sought-after item for me.  As someone who spends over half of the year hiking, backpacking, and climbing, my shoes get a lot of use and abuse very quickly. Part of why I’ve yet to find the perfect hiking shoe is because I demand a challenging blend of characteristics in each pair’s design…

read » April 20, 2016
Rabbit Peak

Hiking Rabbit Peak via Villager Peak

One of the most challenging hikes in Southern California. This ascent of a long, ramp-like ridge takes you first to Villager Peak and then, after much undulating, to the remote sky island of Rabbit Peak. The views are phenomenal, and the sunsets and sunrises can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Not for the faint-of-heart, and certainly only for experienced hikers, this is…

read » April 19, 2016
San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek

Hiking San Gorgonio Mountain via the Vivian Creek Trail

In June of 2015, the Lake Fire burned its way through thousands of acres of forest contained within the San Gorgonio Wilderness area of San Bernadino National Forest. Several popular trails, including the South Fork Trail to San Gorgonio Mountain, are now closed as a result (as of July 2015), leaving some of the more popular routes to the mountain…

read » December 27, 2015
Duck Lake

Hike Duck Lake

If you think sparkling aquamarine lakes and shimmering frosted peaks are the stuff of faraway epic adventures, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you’re immersed in stunning scenery on this spectacular hike just a short drive from the bustling ski town of Mammoth Lakes, California. Your journey begins at the Duck Pass trailhead (elevation 9,128’), where you’ll find ample parking,…

read » October 28, 2015

Backpack Indian Heaven Wilderness via Thomas Lake

While the pacific northwest is generally known and beloved for its epic vistas and high peaks, it is also home to countless wilderness areas offering unique environments, from newly formed volcanic zones to small and quiet meadows full of wildflowers. Indian Heaven Wilderness, located two hours from Portland within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest of southern Washington is one such…

read » October 26, 2015

Gear Review: Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Waterproof Boots

Specs: Retail price: $140.00 Style: Full-height boot Waterproof: Yes Best for: Day hiking, backpacking, snow travel and water crossings Pros: -Lightweight -Extremely comfortable, right out of the box -Waterproof -Sturdy, with good, sticky treads -Great color selection for a stylish look, both on trail and around town Cons: -Durability for long-term use, they feel less solid than other traditional hiking boots…

read » September 9, 2015

Backpack Point Reyes National Seashore

Located approximately 30 miles north of San Francisco, Point Reyes National Seashore is a staple for any outdoor enthusiast, both to bay area locals and visitors alike. Despite its relatively close proximity to a major city and its location within Marin County, Point Reyes immediately feels like a different world. Tucked away on the beautiful California coast among breathtaking foggy…

read » September 3, 2015
Katadyn Water Filter Ultralight

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter Review

On the Quick: Weight: 11oz Dimensions: 7.6” x 16.5” x 6.1” Capacity (gal/L): ~ 200 / ~750 Output (gal/L): ~ 1 quart/min / ~ 1 L/min Type: Activated Carbon MSRP: $74.95 – but can often be found cheaper. At the time of writing, Amazon is listing this item at $56.70 Available from: REI and Amazon. Note: Katadyn recently released Katadyn…

read » October 20, 2014

Hike Parker Lake

Parker Lake is one of the smaller lakes near the June Lake Loop, but while foliage-seeking tourists will flock to the easily accessible aspen groves of June, Gulf, Silver, and Grant Lakes, for a tiny bit more effort hikers can enjoy the absolutely stunning views at the end of the Parker Lake Trail. There is a handful of trails I…

read » October 9, 2014

Hike McGee Creek Canyon

The Eastern Sierra is a supremely photogenic region of California no matter what time of year, but in early fall when the aspen change color it can be especially tough to beat. McGee Creek – between Mammoth Lakes and Bishop just to the southwest of Lake Crowley – is an absolute must-hike at peak color. It’s difficulty is very manageable…

read » October 7, 2014
ultralight headlamp

Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp / Lantern Review

On the Quick: Weight: 2.3oz (without batteries) Dimensions: 2.2” D x 2” W Usage Hours: 140 hrs. on Low, 55 hrs. on Hight, 250 hrs. on Strobe Brightness: 80 Lumens High, 8 Lumens Low Power: 3 AAA (included) MSRP: $49.95 Available From: www.snowpeak.com   If there’s one piece of equipment that tends to be in anyone’s arsenal it’s the headlamp. …

read » October 6, 2014
Golite Jam 70

GoLite Jam 70L Backpack Review

On the Quick Weight: 1lb 15oz Capacity: 70l Design: Frameless Totally Carrying Weight: 30lb Maximum MSRP: $129.99 Available From: http://www.golite.com Whenever someone asks me about how they can start getting their pack lighter, I first ask them what kind of pack they have. In my opinion, ultralighting starts with the pack. Your average pack weighs roughly three and a half…

read » September 29, 2014

Hiking the Chesler Park Loop in Canyonlands

If you’re in the mood for some terrain and rock formations that will make you think you’re on another planet, this loop in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park via the Chesler Park and Joint Trails needs to go on the top of your to-hike list ASAP. This 10.4 mile loop takes you into some of the most seemingly…

read » September 19, 2014

Backpacking Yosemite’s Pohono Trail

  Have you ever been asked if you’d rather have the power of flight or the power of invisibility and found it difficult to decide between the two? With Yosemite’s Pohono Trail, you don’t have to choose – you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the famed Yosemite valley and beyond, along with the kind of solitude that makes you feel…

read » July 24, 2014

Product Review: NYNE Mini

As a hiker, I am mostly against the use of headphones or music on the trail. Unless you’re doing an out-and-back and the way back is a bit on the boring side – or if you’re climbing up something like the 99 Switchbacks in the middle of the day and just want a bit of extra juice in your legs –…

read » July 23, 2014

Hike and Backpack San Bernardino Peak

Amidst the famous summits of the Los Angeles basin stands the oft-overlooked San Bernardino Peak. This relatively inconspicuous bump on the long ridge leading up to Mt. San Gorgonio’s summit is the first of the nine peaks in the “Nine Peaks Challenge.” Despite the fame given to its more famous “saintly” neighbors, Mt. San Antonio (Baldy), Mt. San Jacinto, and…

read » July 3, 2014
Mountain House

Product Review: Mountain House Just in Case

I’m the first to admit it – I am not very good at cooking things while camping. It’s something I definitely want to improve at but to be honest most of the time I just offer to carry the gear of the designated camp chef. But when I’m going solo in the backcountry, I always want a big, hot breakfast…

read » March 13, 2014

Win a Signed Copy of "Mile … Mile and a Half"

OK – enough bad news about the government shutdown and whether or not your hiking destination is open for business … it’s time for some good news for lovers of nature AND beautiful documentaries – The John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half is available on DVD/Blu-Ray, iTunes, and other VOD platforms including streaming and downloading directly…

read » October 1, 2013