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Hiking Lower Willows

Suppose I suggested that you might benefit from wearing waterproof boots to avoid your feet becoming caked with mud at several creek crossings. Let’s also suppose that I suggest a high clearance vehicle because you may be required to drive across at least two, possibly three creek crossings with varying water levels. Your assumptions that I’m talking about a hiking…

read » October 13, 2016
Morongo-Mesquite Trail

Hike Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

When most people envision the desert, the first word that springs to mind is probably “dry.” Not so at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, a lush pocket of the brand new Sand To Snow National Monument tucked between the western edge of Joshua Tree National Park and the towns of Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley, and Desert Hot Springs. The canyon’s unique…

read » April 9, 2016
King Gillette Ranch

Hike King Gillette Ranch

Nestled in the rolling hills south of Calabasas, the nearly 600 acres of King Gillette Ranch serve as the picturesque homebase for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. If the name “Gillette” sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably fought the good fight against unwanted hair – the famous razor company’s founder, the regally appointed King Camp Gillette, chose this…

read » July 1, 2014

Hiking Point Lobos State Reserve in Big Sur

When I was initially floating the idea of spending a few days aimlessly wandering around Big Sur I asked my friends for some of their suggestions. People had overwhelmingly great things to say about Point Lobos State Reserve so I made it the first stop on my southward-bound journey … and the very first thing I saw when I parked…

read » May 8, 2014
Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area

Hiking the Kenneth Hahn Community Loop Trail

A lovely 2.6 mile loop in a park in the heart of L.A. sprawl. On clear days, this trail offers outstanding views of downtown, the San Gabriels, the Hollywood Hills, and beyond – and otherwise this park has wonderful bird-watching, surprisingly secluded and shaded trails, and lots of open green-space. This is a great little park that deserves a visit,…

read » January 28, 2013
Ernest E Debs

Hiking Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

A lovely 5+ mile loop through almost every section of this hidden park near the Arroyo Seco. Birds are abundant here, and the air will probably be filled with birdsong as you hike its mostly easily-graded trails and fire roads. This park is mostly dog-friendly, has facilities for picnics and fishing, and a top-notch Audubon Center with plenty of activities…

read » May 2, 2012