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Bodies Found in the Angeles

I wonder how many other cities’ hiking areas have to deal with things like this. Another body was found in the Angeles National Forest yesterday afternoon. The unidentified woman’s body was found off of East Fork Road near Prairie Fork Road. Los Angeles County Sheriffs haven’t released any other details yet, and are asking anyone with further information to contact…

read » January 25, 2013

Warning Added to Write-Up

Over the past several months, more than a few hikers have written in or posted about bad experiences on the Matilija Creek trailhead. As I’ve written before, the area is involved in a very nasty land ownership issue right now. The owner has been reported harassing hikers at the trailhead and on the trail, and it seems more and more…

read » February 23, 2011

Bad Press for the Forest

If you’re reading local Los Angeles news, the forests around L.A. are portrayed as a dumping ground for bodies and playground for drunken vandals. I swear, it’s not that bad. The LA Times story is really interesting, if you’ve ever wondered just how they track down people who start forest fires. Long story short, some good ol-fashioned electronic detective work.…

read » December 14, 2007