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Chief Mountain Trail

Hike to Chief Mountain

Colorado is home to some of the tallest peaks in the country. With 53 peaks that rank taller than 14,000 ft., it’s safe to say Colorado is prime time “fourteener country”. Hiking to the top of one is something many strive for. Some might do it to see how fast they can summit, and some might do it because it’s a challenge. But…

read » September 7, 2016
OR Realm Full Body

Product Review: Outdoor Research Realm Jacket

On the Quick: Outdoor Research Realm Jacket Style: Breathable, waterproof shell Weight: 10.9 ounces Pros: Lightweight, windproof, waterproof, breathable Cons: No women’s cut, expensive Best for: Backpacking, climbing, mixed weather conditions, sweaty people Retail Price: $279 There are a lot of things I’ve done with $280: buy plane tickets to New Orleans, assure myself another month’s worth of health coverage,…

read » August 17, 2016
Mountainsmith Cooler Tuber

Product Review: Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

On The Quick: Mountainsmith Cooler Tube Style: Accessory Pros: Lightweight, insulated, waterproof construction; easy access via full-length zipper Cons: None, really! Best for: Bringing a six pack outside with you and keeping it cool! MSRP: $21.95-24.95   Here in Colorado, beer is just about as big of a thing as skiing, snowboarding, and bagging 14’ers. One could even argue that Colorado was built on it.…

read » July 18, 2016

Pokemon Go Outside

Maybe you’ve seen them – hordes of people walking around in groups, holding their phones up and pointing them at odd places, talking about incense and modules and gyms and a whole bunch of words you don’t understand. This is Pokemon Go – and it has apparently taken over the entire world. As someone who falls into the age bracket of…

read » July 14, 2016
adidas Terrex featured

Review: adidas Terrex Solo

On The Quick: adidas Terrex Solo Style: Low-cut hybrid approach shoe Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, attractive, grippy Cons: Low-profile lugs don’t grip well in loose terrain Best for: Light hiking, scrambling, light climbing, casual wear Retail: $120 While many hikes stick to obvious groomed trails, there are some treks that get dive into more adventurous territory, including light scrambles over rocky…

read » June 30, 2016
Undies 101 header

Hiking Underwear 101

Undies. Drawers. Chonies. Tighty Whities. Unmentionables. Whatever you call it, underwear is often overlooked when people begin outfitting themselves for hiking and backpacking trips. However, they are not only the literal foundation of your layering system, but they’re also situated right next to your delicates, so we’d argue you’re doing a disservice by making them an afterthought. In the name of…

read » June 21, 2016

Hike the Mayhem Gulch Trail

This great front country journey provides some much-needed natural escape for citizens of Denver. Just an hour’s drive outside the city, hikers can enjoy a quick and easy (and mostly solitary) trek or a full day in the outdoors. An alternating weekend use prevents unnecessary conflict between hikers and cyclists — if you’re headed here on the weekend and aren’t…

read » May 17, 2016
Photo by Allison Park for Modern Hiker

Hike Hamilton Mountain

Note: While my gps track showed under 6 miles for this trip, my hiking partner’s clocked in at 6.5. Doing some research, there seems to generally be some discrepancy on the exact milage for this trip. However, the consensus seems to put it at around 6.5 miles. Before moving to Portland, I was semi-aware of a place people referred to…

read » May 12, 2016
ahnu feature

Ahnu Ridgecrest: Gear Review

The perfect hiking shoe has been a long sought-after item for me.  As someone who spends over half of the year hiking, backpacking, and climbing, my shoes get a lot of use and abuse very quickly. Part of why I’ve yet to find the perfect hiking shoe is because I demand a challenging blend of characteristics in each pair’s design…

read » April 20, 2016

Backpack Indian Heaven Wilderness via Thomas Lake

While the pacific northwest is generally known and beloved for its epic vistas and high peaks, it is also home to countless wilderness areas offering unique environments, from newly formed volcanic zones to small and quiet meadows full of wildflowers. Indian Heaven Wilderness, located two hours from Portland within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest of southern Washington is one such…

read » October 26, 2015
Hiking Triple Falls Oregon

Hike Triple Falls in the Columbia River Gorge

NOTE: This trail was heavily damaged by a rainstorm just before Thanksgiving, 2015. The trail appears to still be passable in the lower reaches but about a mile past Triple Falls, the Oneonta Trail has been washed out and there is no safe or recommended way to pass. The trail below this point has had some trees come down and…

read » September 10, 2015

Gear Review: Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Waterproof Boots

Specs: Retail price: $140.00 Style: Full-height boot Waterproof: Yes Best for: Day hiking, backpacking, snow travel and water crossings Pros: -Lightweight -Extremely comfortable, right out of the box -Waterproof -Sturdy, with good, sticky treads -Great color selection for a stylish look, both on trail and around town Cons: -Durability for long-term use, they feel less solid than other traditional hiking boots…

read » September 9, 2015

Backpack Point Reyes National Seashore

Located approximately 30 miles north of San Francisco, Point Reyes National Seashore is a staple for any outdoor enthusiast, both to bay area locals and visitors alike. Despite its relatively close proximity to a major city and its location within Marin County, Point Reyes immediately feels like a different world. Tucked away on the beautiful California coast among breathtaking foggy…

read » September 3, 2015

Hiking Goat Lake

Few hikes give you this much bang for your buck. Even though the 10-mile roundtrip trek might seem daunting to less experienced hikers, the elevation gain of a mere 1300 feet is minimal. While most lakes nestled in the Northern Cascades make you work for a refreshing dip by forcing you to climb an exhausting amount in a shorter distance, the beauty of Goat Lake…

read » September 2, 2015

Hiking Quail Spring Basin

A network of old mining roads in the Providence Mountains, closed to vehicles and being reclaimed by nature, wanders through this scenic corner of desert. On the furthest eastern end of the road network (still open to high clearance vehicles), you can find the Hidden Hill Mine’s windmill, headframe, and cabin remains. They are quietly wearing away in their sunny…

read » August 19, 2015
Photo by Lindsey Sommer Benjamin for Modern Hiker

Hike the Ecological Staircase Trail

Located within Jug Handle State Natural Reserve, the Ecological Staircase Trail is a favorite of area locals who enjoy the rich and varied ecological treasures found here. While Jug Handle, (and the Mendocino coast) is likely a lesser known area among non-bay area dwellers, it has long been a weekend destination for those willing to make the 3.5 hour drive…

read » August 18, 2015
Gorge author photo

BOOK REVIEW: Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro At 300 Pounds

Mount Kilimanjaro is no joke. Despite being widely regarded as the “easiest” of the Seven Summits – that famed collection of continental highpoints – it’s still no stroll in the hills. While it doesn’t demand any technical skill, Kili will make you dig deep: there’s the rollercoaster terrain, the extreme altitude, and the mound of ever-shifting ball-bearing scree you slowly…

read » April 3, 2015

Winter Climbing on the Home to the World’s Worst Weather

Suddenly, like electricity sparking in my muscle, my leg started to seize. My mind locked for a moment; it was not just a mental game now, my body was shutting down. The freezing wind across my lap dropped the temperature to where the muscles were unable to contract on command and lift my whole body with each step. I raised…

read » March 4, 2015

Hiking Dead Horse Point State Park

Just outside of the outdoor Mecca of Moab, squeezed next to the larger and generally busier Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park lies tiny Dead Horse Point State Park. It could be easy to overlook this 5300-acre park for the bigger name attractions nearby, but doing so would deprive you of some of the best views of…

read » September 18, 2014
Griffith Park North Loop

Hike Griffith Park’s Northside Loop

When most people think of L.A.’s iconic Griffith Park, they probably envision things like the Observatory, the Greek Theatre, the Hollywood Sign, the Zoo, and legions of picnicking families. But there’s also a wilder side to this urban retreat, far removed from the wide fire roads and smothering crowds – and we’ll take you there on this adrenaline-soaked rollercoaster adventure…

read » September 10, 2014