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Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument

Newspaper Rock is located just outside the entrance to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park in Indian Creek – a BLM region popular with rock climbers. It’s a short walk from the roadside parking and is one of the largest-known collections of petroglyphs in the country. There are more than 650 individual glyphs carved into the desert varnish, and…

read » September 16, 2014

Hiking Tepozteco National Park

There aren’t too many places where you can find a trail that will kick your butt with elevation gain, bring you to the ruins of a 500-year-old religious complex, and drop you off right next to a market filled with unbelievably delicious, cheap, hand-made food but the village of Tepoztl├ín in the state of Morelos is such a place. Easily…

read » July 18, 2014

Hike Fish Canyon Falls

Fish Canyon Falls has been a somewhat elusive beast since I moved here. Because the mouth of the canyon is occupied by a Vulcan Materials quarry, access to the canyon’s famed three-tier waterfall has always seemed just a little bit too much trouble. You either had to hike on the one day a month the company would provide a limited…

read » July 3, 2014

Hiking McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

If you’ve ever searched for images of Big Sur, you’ve seen McWay Falls – an almost unbelievably picturesque waterfall that drops 80 feet onto the untouched sands of McWay Beach before churning in the azure Pacific. It’s one of those scenes that, when you show your photos of it to friends, they won’t believe it’s real. But the falls are,…

read » May 2, 2014

LA as Subject Explores Funiculars

L.A. as Subject – the online archive of great stories from L.A.’s history – is about to debut the first part of its very first documentary series on KCET at 4PM this afternoon. The four part series is about funicular railways in Los Angeles – which you may be familiar with from the ruins of the famous White City on…

read » May 30, 2013

The 5th Annual Big Parade is This Weekend

Stretch out your legs and dig out your comfiest walking shoes – the Big Parade is back this weekend! The annual pedestrian celebration is entering its fifth year and will once again trace a long and winding route from Angel’s Landing in downtown Los Angeles to the Griffith Park Observatory over two days starting on the morning of Saturday, May…

read » May 13, 2013
Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area

Hiking the Kenneth Hahn Community Loop Trail

A lovely 2.6 mile loop in a park in the heart of L.A. sprawl. On clear days, this trail offers outstanding views of downtown, the San Gabriels, the Hollywood Hills, and beyond – and otherwise this park has wonderful bird-watching, surprisingly secluded and shaded trails, and lots of open green-space. This is a great little park that deserves a visit,…

read » January 28, 2013

Modern Hiker’s 6th Birthday

Today marks the 6th birthday for Modern Hiker, the day I bought a .com and spun off the trail writing I’d been doing on a personal blog into this little web domain. Since then, I’ve written up over a hundred hikes around Los Angeles, Southern California, and beyond, welcomed over a million unique visitors to the secret world of L.A.…

read » December 10, 2012

Modern Hiker's 6th Birthday

Today marks the 6th birthday for Modern Hiker, the day I bought a .com and spun off the trail writing I’d been doing on a personal blog into this little web domain. Since then, I’ve written up over a hundred hikes around Los Angeles, Southern California, and beyond, welcomed over a million unique visitors to the secret world of L.A.…

read » December 10, 2012

Reconstructing Grand Canyon Views

The Grand Canyon is just one of those places that no matter how many pictures you’ve seen, will still take your breath away the first time you actually lay your eyes on it. It’s been drawing tourists from all over the world and capturing the imaginations of people who’ve seen it for thousands of years. And with scenes like this…

read » December 5, 2012

Historic Pasadena Zanja Hike

This Saturday, you can work off a bit of that turkey, explore a beautiful section of the city most people just drive over, AND learn a healthy dose of history all at the same time. The Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Water and Power are leading a free, guided hike through Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco. The hike will highlight the history…

read » November 20, 2012

L.A. Archive Bazaar is This Saturday

If you’re like me, you’re probably a bit of a history nerd. If so, I highly recommend getting acquainted with the Facebook page L.A. As Subject – a network of libraries, collectors, and research archives dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the L.A. And I know, I know, we’ve ALL heard the jokes about L.A. not having any…

read » October 25, 2012
Murphy Ranch

Hiking Murphy Ranch

A 3.8 mile loop hike into the ruins of Murphy Ranch – a small parcel of land with an almost legendary history. This hike takes you from a popular fire road hike in view of the Pacific Ocean and peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains down long and winding sets of staircases to land that has been the home of…

read » July 10, 2012

History of the Angeles National Forest

The fine folks over at LA as Subject (one of my all-time favorite blogs) and KCET (another one!) have posted a fantastic introduction to the history of the Angeles National Forest as we know it. The post traces the mountains’ industrial and recreational uses and early experience with the national conservation movement (The San Gabriel Timberland Reserve was one of…

read » May 31, 2012
Death Valley Golden Canyon Gower Gulch Zabriskie Point

Hiking Golden Canyon and Gower Gulch to Zabriskie Point

A six mile loop through some of the most stunning badlands in Death Valley National Park. This route features tons of geologic and human history – you’ll pass through layers of strata defining the different ages of Death Valley’s past, see canyons painted in dozens of different colors, and pass old mining shafts and claims from the area’s industrial heyday.…

read » April 12, 2012
Corralitas Rail Route

Hiking the Corralitas Rail Path

A very short but kind of hidden open tract of land in Echo Park / Silver Lake. Historic Red Line properties and ruins and easy access from those neighborhoods make this a great quick walk or part of a longer urban staircase hike in the area. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll see a ghost train? Last Updated: Thursday, March 13,…

read » October 31, 2011

Hiking Gear from the 1930s

The next time you complain about your wicking base layer not keeping you dry enough or how the GORE-TEX in your boots makes your feet feel a little clammy on hot days, head on over to Archival Clothing, where they’ve dug up some killer hand-tinted slides of the Alpine Club of Canada during some ascents in the Canadian Rockies during…

read » August 16, 2011

Chumash History on Saturday

On Saturday, July 9th, Ted Garcia, Chief of the Southern Clan of the Chumash will lead an evening of Chumash songs and history from 7 to 8:30PM at the Rancho Sierra Vista / Satwiwa Native American Indian Cultural Center. Garcia will give presentations on Chumash Culture, including knowledge of artifacts and archeological sites. All ages are welcome and the parking…

read » July 8, 2011
Placerita Canyon

Hiking Placerita Canyon Firebreak Trail

This 7 mile loop in Placerita Canyon Natural Area has a little something for everyone. This route starts out at one of the best Nature Centers at any local or state park, then makes a grueling ascent up a series of shadeless firebreaks that would make any hiker break a sweat. The second half of the trail is shaded in…

read » June 27, 2011