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Is the L.A. River Inner Tube Race a Bad Idea?

The following piece is an op-ed contribution. Squarely in the tradition of creative Angelenos using attention-grabbing approaches toward reclaiming the Los Angeles River, Kurt Braunohler and Lauren Cook recently launched L.A.zy River, an inner tube race to take place on the first weekend after a major rainfall. Tubing on the L.A. River? If all you know of the L.A. River…

read » October 28, 2015

Ready for a Boat Race on the L.A. River?

It’s a good time to be the L.A. River right now. After years of being regarded as nothing but a concrete ditch or open sewer, our little river is now finally starting to get the respect it deserves. We’ve had idyllic kayaking journeys, documentary films, city-approved Master Revitalization Plans, and we recently got full public access to the river during…

read » July 30, 2014

Rock the Boat Documentary Screening Tonight

Tonight at 8PM, the El Cid restaurant and Silver Lake Patch will screen Rock the Boat, a documentary about the team of activists that led an illegal kayaking expedition along the Los Angeles River in 2008 to prove the entire 51 mile river was “traditionally navigable” and therefore protected by the Clean Water Act. In 2010 the EPA ended up…

read » January 23, 2013

Kayaking on the L.A. River is Actually Popular

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve seen the perception of the L.A. River move from a concrete drainage ditch or potential new freeway path to a traditional navigable waterway and site of hopeful future parks and urban revitalization. Now it seems those perceptions are gaining even more traction, with several high profile newspapers reporting on the River’s newest activity…

read » August 25, 2011

Tour the L.A. River

Hidden LA, a really great blog that you should probably be checking out anyway, just offered a driving and walking tour of the L.A. River that was a great success – completely selling out in a matter of hours. The event was so successful, in fact, that they’re offering two more tours. On Sunday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 29th,…

read » July 21, 2010

L.A. River Finally Gets Some Respect

I’ve been covering the efforts to revive the concrete-lined Los Angeles River on this site almost since I started writing Modern Hiker. Mayor Villaraigosa has been an ardent supporter of greening our namesake waterway, which is probably better known as an open sewer or drainage channel than an actual waterway. This week, the L.A. River got a huge boost when…

read » July 9, 2010

L.A. River Photos

Photographer / Programmer Dave Bullock has not been taking our recent, hopefully-ending-just-now stretch of June Gloom lying down. Instead, he’s taken it upon himself to explore and photograph the more vacant, industrial sections of Los Angeles … which include some great shots of the Los Angeles River — both with and without some visiting birds. It’s different from the nature…

read » June 15, 2009

L.A. River Update

A delegation from Munich has arrived in Los Angeles to help advise on the plan to restore the L.A. River from a concrete open sewer to an actual, gosh-darn-it river. Apparently, way back when, Munich’s Isar River was also a dammed and sealed drainage channel, but over the years has been revitalized into an urban greenspace, complete with parks, swimming…

read » October 9, 2008