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Urban Wildlife Week and P-22 Day are Coming to L.A.

Beth Pratt-Bergstrom is the California Director of the National Wildlife Federation, and one of the driving forces behind L.A.’s upcoming Urban Wildlife Week (October 16-22) that culminates with a celebration in Griffith Park for P-22 Day, in honor of that park’s resident celebrity mountain lion. We got a chance to chat with Beth over the phone during a rare bit…

read » October 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Outside

Maybe you’ve seen them – hordes of people walking around in groups, holding their phones up and pointing them at odd places, talking about incense and modules and gyms and a whole bunch of words you don’t understand. This is Pokemon Go – and it has apparently taken over the entire world. As someone who falls into the age bracket of…

read » July 14, 2016
la ranger troca-nature side

Say Hello to L.A.’s New Mobile National Park Service Visitor Center

You probably expect National Park Rangers to put in a lot of miles of distance traveled in the course of their jobs, but L.A.’s newest park ranger may put the rest of the area staff to shame — say hello to LA Ranger Troca (pronounced “la troca”), a food truck turned into a mobile visitor center for the Santa Monica Mountains. The…

read » March 11, 2016
la tuna canyon

Hiking La Tuna Canyon

If you’re looking for a trail with a bit of that “off the beaten path” feel but still wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on civilization from its vista points, the La Tuna Canyon Trail is a good bet. This meandering 4.3 mile trail provides some decent elevation gain in sections and a surprising variety of scenery — from deep, shaded…

read » October 9, 2015
griffith park teahouse small

Re-Visit the Griffith Park Teahouse

Did you miss a chance to visit the (in)famous Griffith Park Teahouse on Taco Peak this summer? Now, with the help of virtual reality, you can visit again and again, any time you’d like. The beautiful but illegally constructed teahouse was clandestinely put up overnight in late June, 2015, becoming – quite literally – an overnight sensation. Modern Hiker was…

read » September 25, 2015

The Longest Straw

In terms of water, the drought is getting all the headline space right now — but California’s water woes existed well before this current dry spell. The upcoming documentary The Longest Straw examines the precarious water system we have here in the Golden State, as well as how it affects people all over California — even though many people may take it…

read » August 24, 2015
amir's garden 2

Hiking Amir’s Garden

You’ve likely seen Amir’s Garden in Griffith Park before but not known what it was – a strangely forested ridge amidst the otherwise dry Southern California landscape. Today, the five acre plot of land stands as a peaceful, shaded oasis amidst Griffith Park – a favorite of hikers and equestrians alike – but the garden itself arose from a dangerous…

read » February 17, 2015

5 Best L.A. Neighborhoods For the Urban Hiker

L.A. is not your ordinary metropolis. Yes, it has a thriving downtown that is an undeniable concrete jungle. But surrounding L.A.’s teeming urban core are some of the most picturesque naturescapes in the country. What makes L.A. such an extraordinary spot for the outdoors lover is the fact that so many of these wilderness areas are easily accessible from the…

read » December 15, 2014

7 Haunted Trails in Los Angeles

The pumpkins are out on porches and supermarkets are being flooded with fun-sized candies, which means Halloween is right around the corner. But what if your idea of a spooky good time involves fewer costumes and more time out in the woods? Well worry not, because L.A. has more than its fair share of ghostly history for you to hike…

read » October 22, 2014
Griffith Park North Loop

Hike Griffith Park’s Northside Loop

When most people think of L.A.’s iconic Griffith Park, they probably envision things like the Observatory, the Greek Theatre, the Hollywood Sign, the Zoo, and legions of picnicking families. But there’s also a wilder side to this urban retreat, far removed from the wide fire roads and smothering crowds – and we’ll take you there on this adrenaline-soaked rollercoaster adventure…

read » September 10, 2014
Skilift at Mountain High

Win A Season Pass from Mountain High

We here at Modern Hiker started out our site with the mission of letting the world know more about Southern California’s surprisingly little-known hiking trails … and we’re betting a lot of those people who think the best hiking in SoCal is a dirt path from a parking lot to an In-N-Out register would also be surprised to find out…

read » August 20, 2014

New Topanga Canyon Scent In-Store Demo from Juniper Ridge

You guys know I love me some Juniper Ridge. They’re the NorCal wilderness distillers and the world’s only “wild fragrance” company – a group of artists, travelers, and nature-lovers that scour the West for the plants we all brush up against while hiking to capture their essence and turn it into unbelievable fragrances. Back in Modern Hiker’s early days they…

read » May 27, 2014

Corralitas Red Car Property May Finally Be A City Park

The Corralitas Red Car Property is a small strip of land with a lot of history. The 10-acre lot on the north side of Silver Lake / Echo Park used to be owned by Pacific Electric, which ran a Red Line car north to Glendale along its path from 1896 to 1955. Since the Red Line ran its last car…

read » May 20, 2014
Corral Canyon

Hiking Corral Canyon

Hugging the coastline just off the PCH, Malibu’s Corral Canyon has the distinction of being the last canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains that has a completely undeveloped watershed that flows freely into the Pacific Ocean. And yes, that sound like a very specific thing, but you don’t need to memorize the honorifcs if you’re headed here – all you…

read » March 12, 2014
LA Sunset

One Day in L.A.

2 years ago the ambitious One Day on Earth project compiled footage from more than 7000 filmmakers all over the world into a documentary about what people were doing on a single day. Now, the team is at it again – the time with several smaller, more focused projects on the stories and people of 11 American cities – including,…

read » March 11, 2014
Escondido Falls

Hiking Escondido Falls

The Winding Way Trail in Malibu leads to the multi-tiered 150 foot tall Escondido Falls, the tallest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains. While the waterfall’s strength is subject to the levels of precipitation, the trail to the base of the falls is a shaded, lovely stroll – and the trail to the upper tiers of the falls is an…

read » March 5, 2014
Echo Mountain Fog

Time to Choose Your Post-Rain Hike

An L.A. Times article posted earlier this week said Southern California is in for the biggest rain-event its had in three years – a storm that could bring 1/4 inch of rain to L.A. County is expected to move into the region on Wednesday night, followed by a bigger storm from Friday through Saturday that could leave up to 2…

read » February 26, 2014

Modern Hiker on Luxuria Music's RPM

A few weeks ago I headed to the Luxuria Music studios to be a guest on their show RPM, which is a very cool interview show that basically gives you a musical biography of the subject. I picked a bunch of songs I love and used them to talk about my life growing up in New England, going to college…

read » October 8, 2013

You Can Hike in the Angeles National Forest During the Shutdown

KCET finally managed to track down some Forest Service officials to ask them about what is actually going on with their federal lands during the shutdown. It was very clear that National Park units were closed down and off-limits, but the rules for National Forests and BLM lands were anything but. Now, some questions are answered … and here’s the…

read » October 2, 2013

Hiking Mount Lowe from Red Box

This 6.1 mile out-and-back travels over one ridge of the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains to get to Mount Lowe, part of old, sprawling land of the nearby Echo Mountain Resort. Mount Lowe was planned as the site of a grand alpine tavern and aerial tramway for the resort, but geography and money woes kept it from being…

read » August 23, 2013