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Interview with PB from Opus Orange

As far as backpacking bands go, it’s tough to find a better fit than Santa Monica’s Opus Orange. Founded in 2010, the band’s membership has expanded to half a dozen members with Paul Bessenbacher (PB) at the center. The band has released several EPs and scored the John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half . Opus Orange…

read » January 19, 2015

Win a Signed Copy of "Mile … Mile and a Half"

OK – enough bad news about the government shutdown and whether or not your hiking destination is open for business … it’s time for some good news for lovers of nature AND beautiful documentaries – The John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half is available on DVD/Blu-Ray, iTunes, and other VOD platforms including streaming and downloading directly…

read » October 1, 2013

Videos for a Better Weekend

I didn’t want the last thing on the front page for the weekend to be something about corpses, so instead here are two gorgeous time-lapses from Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks and a behind-the-scenes video from the soon-to-be-released John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half featuring my good friend Kolby Kirk. Hope you enjoy – and…

read » January 25, 2013

New Mile … Mile and a Half Trailer

If some trail-tracker sees a huge spike in hikers on the John Muir Trail next year, you can probably preemptively go ahead and give all that credit to The Muir Project – the team behind Mile … Mile and a Half. I’ve been following these guys since they released their first footage last year – and I met them at…

read » August 30, 2012

Trailer for New John Muir Trail Documentary

Last year, I wrote about The Muir Project – a group of artists and filmmakers who hiked the John Muir Trail and documented their journey with some stunning HD video. They only released a short clip of their footage before, but today they’ve unveiled the first trailer for their feature-length documentary Mile … Mile and a Half. If the earlier…

read » February 15, 2012