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Interview with PB from Opus Orange

As far as backpacking bands go, it’s tough to find a better fit than Santa Monica’s Opus Orange. Founded in 2010, the band’s membership has expanded to half a dozen members with Paul Bessenbacher (PB) at the center. The band has released several EPs and scored the John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half . Opus Orange…

read » January 19, 2015

Win a Signed Copy of "Mile … Mile and a Half"

OK – enough bad news about the government shutdown and whether or not your hiking destination is open for business … it’s time for some good news for lovers of nature AND beautiful documentaries – The John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half is available on DVD/Blu-Ray, iTunes, and other VOD platforms including streaming and downloading directly…

read » October 1, 2013

Videos for a Better Weekend

I didn’t want the last thing on the front page for the weekend to be something about corpses, so instead here are two gorgeous time-lapses from Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks and a behind-the-scenes video from the soon-to-be-released John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half featuring my good friend Kolby Kirk. Hope you enjoy – and…

read » January 25, 2013

Trailer for New John Muir Trail Documentary

Last year, I wrote about The Muir Project – a group of artists and filmmakers who hiked the John Muir Trail and documented their journey with some stunning HD video. They only released a short clip of their footage before, but today they’ve unveiled the first trailer for their feature-length documentary Mile … Mile and a Half. If the earlier…

read » February 15, 2012

Epic John Muir Trail Video

Over the summer, a group of multimedia artists spent a few weeks hiking the John Muir Trail, documenting every step of the way. Eventually, they plan to launch an online exhibition on the Trail, with plenty of GPS info, pictures, trail-musings and videos, but for now they’ve posted the first take on their video. If this first clip is any…

read » September 23, 2011